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Until Covid I had been running life drawing or figure drawing. Here are some photos below.

  • Private Commissons
    Timed Pose
    The last thing you want to do is overwork your effort.
  • Personal Portraits
    Always choose the right materials and experiment.
  • Courthouse Corporate
    Goes without saying. If you are stuck, start by drawing anything.

Studio and Opening Photos

Below is a selection of my favorites from over the years.

Pastel Life Drawing

At an Art Opening

Two paintings from an art show
Watercolor Nude

Model in the Studio

Two artists drawing in the studio
Life Drawing Studio
Life Drawing
Drawing In The Studio
Artists Drawing
Artist Drawing the Figure
The Figure in Watercolor
Art Studio
Drawing in Ink

Model Posing in the Studio
Art Studio
Drawing Long Pose
Artists Art Exhibit
Art Studio Class
Artist Working on Portrait
Artists Art Show
Alan at Skulski Gallery

Artist in Front of Paintings
Art Exhibition
Artists in Studio
Studio of Artists
Watercolor Nude
Charcoal Nude Male
Life Drawing in Charcoal
Pastel Life Drawing

Life Drawing
Male Charcoal Figure
Same Model One Drawing
Long Pose in Color
Life Drawing Sitting
Male Nude
Charcoal Pencil Drawing
Reclining Figure


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Alan Brown Studio is a private art studio in Central New Jersey. Please contact me for any questions about acquiring either fine art or for a portrait commission.


Alan Brown
Alan Brown Fine Artist
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