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About Us

Our core group of artists has been life drawing together at one studio/arts center or another since about 1985! 

As of now our group meets once a week. At certian times during the year we will run a long pose session during the day.  There is no instruction in any session here. But there is an effort to share and exchange different techniques and styles.

For the short poses the artists who work in our studio use many different media, from pencils and charcoal to ink, watercolor and pastel.  Due to the closeness of quarters, we have not allowed too much oil painting during the short sessions.











About Our Models

Believe it or not, we still hire a couple of figure models that have been with us from around the time that we started. We are always looking for new models too.

Life drawing is not like fashion, the commercial idea of handsome or beauty is not always the artists' idea of beauty. Many of our best figure models have not been the classic type that you would see in GQ or Vogue.

Since a drawing is done over time, it actually takes a lot of resolve for a good figure model to stay still in a pose that may be aesthetically beautiful with it's body twists.


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