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Our Goal

Allowing the most comfortable environment for our artists to draw. Adding enough visual interest for our models to pose. Allowing the artist, whether they are drawing, painting or sketching to be as creative as they wish. 

Life Modeling Opportunities

Life Drawing - Figure Drawing - Modeling Opportunities - Life Models for Art

Life Drawing New Jersey

Unfortunately, life drawing here at my studio has been on hiaitus since Covid of March 2020. Please be advised to look elsewhere: Life models who are interested in figure drawing groups or posing for life or figure classes, model for our open life groups, or modeling for other figure modeling sessions in and around the New Jersey Area. Must be 18+:

Please Contact Alan Brown for more information.

We have a very comfortable, very fun, very safe, long running life drawing group in Central New Jersey, (no photography). All short poses, 2 to 20 min. The artists who draw in the group (M and F) range from professional to weekend dabblers. We do have a lot of male models now, so we are looking primarily for female models.

The group meets Thursday eves and we've been paying $80 (depending on attendance for 2 1/2 hours).

Many references avail if needed. You are also welcome to visit our studio at any time by appt.

Most models don't care but you can see the quality of our group's life drawings either by checking out the Profile Page on this website or you are welcome to see a listing of more of us at my other website:

Contact Us

Art Supplies

I am asked a lot about where I get my art supplies.  It really changes by the year.  Lately I’ve been getting most of my supplies from the Utrecht art supply online. If you are local to NJ now one of the only choices left for a true art store is Jerry's Artist Outlet - West Orange New Jersey. Most art stores will have free shipping if you pay enough so best to try to hold off before you make your big order. Utrecht's website is still up, (not sure for how long). They have the most lovely light weight stretcher bars with a lip so you don’t keep hitting the wood while you are painting. I've also gotten to adore their selection of brushes

I found that Cheap Joe’s usually has the best prices on Winsor & Newton Oils and they have sales on the Strathmore 400-8 drawing pads which is a must if you do a lot of life drawing. Sometimes the sales on the drawing pads are only if you buy in bulk, but we sometimes have a few of our artists pool. Probably the best way to buy art supplies.

Maxine at the CAG Opening - Barron

This is a photo of Maxine at the CAG Opening (Contemporary Art Group), Exhibiting at the Barron Arts Center - July, 2014.

Woodbridge Life Group


more Information

We are located in Central New Jersey, very convenient to the Parkway the Turnpike and 287.

This is our studio

Some of our artists 'posing' from our Life drawing group:

Woodbridge Life Group

From Left: Alan, William, Elaine, Lou, Maxine, Shawn, Nathan, Albert, Ray, Qi

Creative Edge

These are two of our artists, Charles and William with a newly framed artwork that is an original poster, done by Marcellin Auzolle in 1899.

Antique French Poster

Charles is on the left. I wish I had a ten foot wall in my house to fit something like this!

My Palette


Scraped Paint from My Pallette


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