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Unfortunately, life drawing here at my studio has been on hiatus since Covid of March 2020. If you are an artist looking for a life drawing group, or life model please be advised to look elsewhere:
I am aware of some active life drawing groups in the NJ area so I may be able to help find the right group for you. Please Contact Alan Brown for more information.

Covid allowed me the break and the time to think about the tradition of life drawing. While the camaraderie of the life drawing group is very appealing, my art is not focused on the nude and the exercise of life drawing has long been a diminishing return, this can be proven by the hundreds of my drawing pads full of charcoal nudes collecting dust in storage.

Nudes in art have been prevalent since before the Greek times. Now, progressive art schools such as Mason Gross have discarded life drawing for a more contemporary idea of teaching experimentation and innovation. Many artists today such as Kehinde Wiley or Eric Fischl still use the figure as the focus in their art. I do not know whether they still draw the nude in the traditional sense.